Etisalat Sri Lanka recently launched cliQ – an app which allows its pre-paid subscribers to purchase time-based mobile data packages. Providing a flexible and transparent approach to purchasing mobile Internet connectivity cliQ will eliminate the need to buy data in expensive and hard to understand bundles based on megabytes and gigabytes.

The solution is an invention of Comptel Corporation, Finland and is a native mobile application which, users can easily and affordably purchase time-based Internet access, granting full control and understanding of how the consumer buy, pay and use their personal digital services.

“With the deployment of cliQ, we are now able to deliver affordable mobile connectivity to our customers in an innovative way that complements their lifestyle and needs,” Chief Commercial Officer Etisalat Lanka Khalifa Mahmoud noted.

The ground-breaking New Service Improves the Mobile Data Buying Experience, Increasing Data Consumption for Subscribers While Creating Substantial Revenue Gains for Etisalat.
“Comptel is proud to be working with Etisalat to help cliQ achieve success in the Sri Lankan market, which takes us another step forward towards fulfilling our mission to connect the next two billion mobile users to the Internet, one small data purchase at a time.” said Harry Järn, Chief of Comptel FWD.

Etisalat’s Music App

stream your favourite music anytime with no data charges

The rhythm of life can be fine-tuned through music. It is the go to place for most of us whether to unwind after a busy day or to uplift our moods. However one might be limited with the playlist on their phones or worst – the data capacity can put a cap on your streaming possibilities.
Addressing all your musical needs Etisalat launches an affordable music streaming service for its customers. The Music App contains over 2,500 music videos, 15,000 Sri Lankan songs and 9,000 International songs.
Ranging from classics to contemporary music across all genres the Etisalat Music App will ensure that Etisalat customers are provided with access to a large database of the latest releases in songs with the highest quality ever experienced for music streaming.
Song Catcher, Lyric Finder, Social Points and Mood map to discover new music are among some of the features of the app. Customers can stream unlimited music for an inexpensive daily fee of Rs. 3 or can select a weekly or monthly subscription plan.
Furthermore new Songs and Videos will be featured under Editor’s Pick tab and the most viewed songs and Videos will be featured in the Trending category. The app is developed in partnership with Evoke International and is available for download through the play store and App store.

‘Manudam Sapiri Nobindunu Sabadiyawa’ convoy, containing the essential items collected from the staff and customers of Etisalat Lanka last week reached the flood affected areas in Kalutara.
The aide was distributed among the affected family under the watchful guidance of the Chief Incumbent of the temple.

During their visits to the affected area the pioneer mobile service provider identified schools located in the outskirts of the cities that were affected by flood and landslides. Etisalat plans to rebuild as the phase two of Manudam Sapiri Nobindunu Sabadiyawa project.

Pictured are some moments from the initiative.

The 1st leg of the Sri Lanka Rugby Super Sevens 2017 kicked off at the Nittawela Rugby Stadium in Kandy last week end. The unforgiving weather in Kandy did not break the spirit of the franchise teams as each of them took to the field to participate in the beautiful game of Rugby. With the odds to their favour Etisalat Panthers grabbed the Franchise Shield at the end of the 1st leg defeating the Cargils Gladiators with a score of 17 – 0.

It wasn’t an easy task for Etisalat Panthers as they were dished out victory and defeat in equal halves on day 1 and 2. On Saturday during their first match Etisalat Panthers were on to a great start with Srinath Sooriyabandara evaded the Ezy Wolves and sprinted towards the try line scoring the first try for the team. The game ended with Etisalat taking the lead scoring 19 – 17.
During their second match Etisalat Panthers locked in with Walkers CML Vipers and scored a magnificent 26 – 07. However, Cargils Gladiators took over Etisalat Panther during the team’s third match with a score of 19 – 15.

Day 2 came by and Etisalat Panthers had to face the Access Kings during the Quarter Finals and was defeated by Access Kings for a score of 19 – 14. The second match was crucial for Etisalat Panthers and EZY Wolves as they tackled for the semi-finals of the Bowl and Shield. At the end of the match with a score of 17 – 14, EZY Wolves qualified for the Bowl Finals, while Etisalat Panthers qualified for the Shield Finals.

The battle for the Shield was between Etisalat Panthers and the Cargils Gladiators and the Panthers made sure to not let the Gladiators reach the try line. Etisalat Panthers made their mark by winning the Franchise Shield at the Sri Lanka Rugby Super Sevens with a splendid score of 17 – 0.


Etisalat launches One Etisalat

– The all in one self-care app that grants power to you

The smartphone is now replacing the desktop and laptop, and everyday more and more phone users are resorting to use mobile apps to pay bills, monitor internets usage and access plenty of other mobile based services and products. Etisalat in its continuous efforts to enhance its customer experience now introduces the ‘One Etisalat’ self-care app, which provides all essential services and products in a unified app.

“Implementing the ‘One Etisalat’ self-care App allows our customers to access account information seamlessly through a single app. We are looking at giving more power and control to our customer over their mobile connection with key features put together in one user interface. The ‘One Etisalat’ app will prompt our customers to proactively engage with their favourite Etisalat Products and Service by providing on demand access to their account information which will add to their convenience,” Etisalat Lanka Deputy CEO Riyaaz Rasheed stated.

‘One Etisalat’ is designed with the tech savvy customer in mind. The home page indicates the outstanding amount/ balance available in the account and amount of data that is available for the connection. The rest of the features are listed at the bottom; on easy access buttons sectioned for App settings, Usage details, Bill info for Post-paid/ Pre-paid, Credit Management/ Support, VAS – Available Services, Promotions, Roaming & IDD, Call-a-Tune, My Profile, Caller Management, Loyalty, Locate Us (locate the nearest Etisalat service centre/ flagship store) and Service Messages. Furthermore, the most popular Etisalat app of recent times, cliQ too is hosted on this app for the convenience of our pre-paid data users.

The app is now available for download through the App Store and Google Play Store. Once the app is installed customers can easily register through a two-step process of entering their mobile phone and submitting the verification PIN that will be text messaged to their phones.

Hosted by the SL Geek Club ‘Lanka Comic Con’ has seen through the completion of two successive conventions since 2015. This year too, the hallmark event returns with more features and a growing number of partners. Identifying the ageless importance of the event Etisalat Lanka has extended their support as the Telecommunications partner.

Billed to be held on 26 and 27 August at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre (SLECC), Colombo, the convention expects an attendance of 6,000 – 9,000 geeks and enthusiasts.

“Etisalat believes in empowering the innovators of Sri Lanka. As a mobile telecom service provider we understand that communication takes place in different levels and different modes. Not only will this convention be a platform to come in costume and play, but it also is a good knowledge sharing platform,” Etisalat Lanka Manager – Brand and Consumer Communications Udara Gunasinghe commented.

While Cosplay takes centre-stage at any Comic Con held worldwide, this two day convention will host workshops, panel discussions, Musical Shows and exciting activities for kids and adults alike to keep the momentum live.

While the world celebrated the annual Social Media Day on 30 June, Etisalat Lanka in partnership with Neo@Ogilvy Sri Lanka gathered the country’s Social Media fraternity on Sunday 09 July to celebrate the hallmark event.

The day’s proceedings kicked off with the Social Media Conference, which was attend by Social Media experts from the Private and Public sector. The conference addressed the theme of the event on ‘How to thrive in a World of Fragmented Media’.

Neo@Ogilvy Digital Strategy Consultant Maryann Stephens spoke about Dark Social and how one could get the best out of the available channels. Wijeya Newspapers Head of Marketing – Content & Digital Media at Umair Wolid went on to explain whether, negative publicity is actually bad publicity; while Academic & Public Policy Researcher Chanuka Wattegama visited the spectrum of Online Journalism and its positives and negatives.

Etisalat Lanka Director Marketing Yarthav Mathiaparanam, Rehan Almeida representing the Bar Association of Sri Lanka and Neo@Ogilvy Head of Digital Media and Digital Production Unit Amitha Amarasinghe took part in a thought provoking panel discussion which looked at Brands, their role on Social Media and how they could use these tools to manage a Crisis situation. The discussion was moderated by Prasanna Pathmanathan.

The much-anticipated Social Media Awards segment rolled out during the ‘Meet Up’ session and was hosted in the later part of the day. The nominations for the awards were gathered through the site over a period of a week and the nominees were adjudged by the dynamic Jury Panel comprising of: Antyra Solutions Chief Commercial Officer Rohan Jayaweera, Social Media Specialist Prasad Perera, Yoho Bed Chief Technology Officer Chamara Peiris, Wijeya Newspapers Head of Marketing Content and Digital Media Umair Wolid and Quantum Leap Co-founder Amithe Gamage.

The evening ended with many of the Social Media Influencers on different platforms sharing their expertise with the community. Among the many who attended Iraj, KaluMalli, Leitch Peitch and Wasthi stole the show as they shared their experiences on creating content for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

In today’s hyper-connected world, we expect to receive instant responses for all our electronic communications. While it assists us to carry out our day to day activities efficiently, it can also lead to spread hate messages instantly. Not only does it end from one hurtful post of teasing, it may also accumulate more hurtful and hateful comments from the cyberspace. Commonly known as cyber-bullying, this social behaviour is on the rise in Sri Lanka causing irreversible damage in the future generation. Identifying this social issue, Etisalat recently held a Forum to eradicate cyber-bullying in Sri Lanka at their office premises.

The forum was moderated by Etisalat Lanka Director Marketing Yarthav Mathiamparanam with the participating panellists: National Child Protection Authority Chairperson Marini De Livera, Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team | Co-ordination Centre (Sri Lanka CERT|CC) CEO Lal Dias and Amaya Suriyapperuma (Wonder Woman Cosplayer) deliberating over the issue.

“With the introduction of social media people have now taken the freedom of expression in to a different level. We notice that lot of youngsters are using this tool to bully their friends. What they do not understand is that cyber-bullying treads on the fine lines of expressing one’s opinion and actually bullying a person. As a responsible telecom service provider we believe it is important to create awareness about this behaviour and implement a code of ethics and a reporting mechanism which goes beyond reporting, blocking and deleting the pages/personal profiles,” Etisalat Lanka Director Marketing Yarthav Mathiamparanam noted.

Speaking of the current situation in Sri Lanka National Child Protection Authority Chairperson Marini De Livera stated: “Most of the time the people who fall victim to cyberbullying are too shy to talk about it and suffer in silence. We need to create a community who understands this situation and who are willing to assist the victims to overcome their situation.”

The CEO of Sri Lanka CERT Mr. Lal Dias, when asked about the procedure that is in place to report cyber-bullying noted that: “At present people can report a profile or page and block the people who are bullying them. Unfortunately, the legal procedure that we have to bring the involved parties to justice is lengthy. Cyber-bullying aggravates due to the post going viral because the same post can be used by another party to further add hurt to the victim. The report, block, delete method which is currently in place is not that effective and we have seen these pages coming back online after several days. At the end of this forum we have understood that a proper legal frame work needs to be in place to eradicate cyber bullying in Sri Lanka. Even if we have the proper legal framework, if we don’t get the support/co-operation from service providers from other countries, it will be difficult to see successful prosecution. On the other hand, ethical use of social media and safe use of social media and technology has to be highlighted. Prevention is better than cure.” The forum also invited Amaya Suriyapperuma to share her story. Amaya was a victim of cyber-bullying after the Lankan Comic Con event which was held earlier this year. “I took part at the Lankan Comic Con held earlier this year and was excited to wear a Wonder Woman Costume and be part of the event. But soon after my photo went on Facebook people started to insult me on my appearance through their comments, it got a bit out of hand when online trolls started to circulate my photo through Meme pages. Luckily for me I got the support of the online community who sent me words of encouragement. I know this is always not the case and believe this forum will help us take the message of awareness out to the public.”

The forum brought together prominent online influencers, representatives from Sri Lanka CERT, representatives from National Child Protection Authority and media in a casual setting to amicably debate about the issue and to look at reducing the incidents by introducing a functional reporting process, rallying a group of online activists to be witnesses and proactively report such individuals/ organisations to the legal bodies and explore avenues to increase awareness among the public.

17 May 2016, marks ‘World Telecommunication and Information Society Day’. Etisalat Sri Lanka (earlier known as Celltel) is the lead player in the industry with over 25 years of rich experience, utilizing its potential for constant innovation and expertise to spearhead growth in the country’s communications sphere.

Celltel launched on 1st December, 1989, has now evolved to greater heights than ever imagined 25 years ago. In the modern era, where connectivity is viewed as a simple task, bridging both the temporal and spatial gaps in a rapidly globalizing world, it is difficult to imagine that the mobile phone, is a very young technological advancement in the timescale of innovations – yet it is impossible to envision a period before this ever-essential telecommunications device.

Martin Cooper produced the first handheld mobile phone in 1973, and a almost a decade later, Celltel introduced the same technology to Sri Lanka. By the 1990s, quite a few Sri Lankan’s were accustomed to using mobile phones or “Celltels” as they were known during the early years of the county’s mobile telecommunications industry.
Less than quarter of a century later, Sri Lanka ranks No 1 in the world, with the lowest entry level fixed broadband charges, according to a recent report published by the International Telecommunication Union.

In 1991, Etisalat (Celltel) was the first mobile telecommunications provider to enable island- wide coverage, making the telephone available to the many, irrespective of caste or creed. Etisalat also became the first telecommunications provider to open a call- centre, to better serve its island -wide customer base. Later, in 1996, Etisalat was the first to offer prepaid services in Sri Lanka. This meant that customers were able to maintain customized packages suited to their individual needs, taking the concept of affordability into newer heights.

Etisalat has always had its antenna ready to identify the latest trends in the Telecommunications industry. Consequently they identified the opportune moment to introduce new technologies. High-speed 3G is one such example. Apart from increasing the speed of communication, various value added services like video calling, mobile internet access, IPTV, etc is readily available through this technology.

In line with its tradition of ‘firsts’, 2014 heralded the launch of HD Voice and more recently, the Hybrid Super SIM, which is Sri Lanka’s first multi-SIM product. “What has driven us is not the need to be first, but instead, it has been our ambition for the country: for every Sri Lankan to be equally connected “explains Chief Commercial Officer, Etisalat Lanka, Mr.
Yasser Aboulamayem.

The Sri Lankan Mobile Telecommunications industry is continuously developing to embrace technological advancements, which Etisalat matches through its growing telecommunication infrastructure base, and constant connection with its customers, driving connectivity and transforming the way information is exchanged in the country. Every day Sri Lanka’s can now leverage on the power of Mobile Internet, leading to an increase in overall ICT literacy, and smart connectivity.

This undoubtedly puts Etisalat in the forefront of telecommunications providers in Sri Lanka, staying ahead of competition with its ability to adapt and innovate according to prevalent market trends. With Sri Lanka’s steady progress into the future, thanks to the steadfast support of Etisalat for over 25 years, the people have been enabled to make that transition with confidence, transforming ambition into reality. Thus a vibrant and ever-growing industry can surely be anticipated, which would undoubtedly pave the way for present and future generations, to spur the nation’s forward march.