Yes, Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka has taken over Etisalat Sri Lanka. Etisalat Sri Lanka will is now a fully owned subsidiary of HTLL.

With this merger taking place CKHH Hong Kong our shareholder will hold a 85% stake in Hutchison
telecommunications Lanka and Etisalat Abu Dhabi will have a 15% stake in HTLL (Hutch Telecom
Lanka Limited).

Initially the two operations will run as separate networks. At the next stage the two operations will proceed to be merged over the next 12 months into a single operation

The process is expected to take around between 6-12 months to complete.

With the merger, the merged entity will be the 3 rd largest mobile operator in the country

Yes, the tower sites of the two networks will eventually be merged into a single larger 2G/3G network. However the complete network amalgamation will take about 18 months to complete.

Hutch will have management control of the merged entity but they will integrate the present Etisalat management team to this merged entity.

There will not be a new brand, Hutch will eventually be the surviving brand that will take the business forward. Etisalat brand will be discontinued in the latter half of 2019.

The new entity will continue to retain and support both 078 and 072 numbers so existing Etisalat subscribers can continue with the same 072 number in future.

No they do not have to change their SIMS. However once 4G service is opened to Etisalat subscribers they will need to upgrade to a 4G USIM Free of Charge without any  change in number

Etisalat customers (072) will be able to use the Hutch 4G network only once the networks have been merged which is scheduled before mid-next year. Even after the networks are merged the Etisalat subscribers will still need to upgrade their present SIM to a 4G USIM to access 4G services. This will be Free of Charge and he will retain his old 072 number.  If an Etisalat customer wants to use the Hutch 4G network before the networks are merged, he will have to buy a Hutch 078 4G SIM.

He can continue to use both Sims or use only one of them. It is customer’s choice.

Etisalat  showrooms will be integrated into the merged  entity under the Hutch brand.

Customers of both companies can continue on current tariffs. In the long term, tariff and product offerings will be reviewed and amalgamated where necessary.

Yes, Cliq App will continue for now.

No, there will be no increase in Hutch call rates or vice versa.

The rates will maintained or revised based on consumer/market demand

Yes, Hutch will continue to offer a wide range of value for money data packs

The merged entity will soon provide postpaid packages. The product portfolio will be reviewed and redesigned (if necessary) to suit consumer needs

Hutch will continue to use the Etisalat towers to ensure coverage is maintained with Etisalat subscribers. Once the two tower networks are merged, it will result on a much better coverage for both customers on 072 & 078

In the short term, Etisalat and Hutch subscribers will continue to use their own network signals. Once the two networks are merged there will be a single coverage for both Etisalat and Hutch customers

Yes, once the 4G network is deployed and networks merged, Etisalat subscribers will be able to access 4G services. However they will need to upgrade their SIM to 4G USIM which will be offered free of charge

2G sites will be upgraded to 3G or 4G depending on demand for data and smart phone penetration in the area.

Yes, the coverage will be expanded .Together the merged entity will have a larger coverage.