What is AppZone?

AppZone is the Sri Lanka’s first ever SMS based mobile application platform launched by Etisalat Sri Lanka partnered with hSenid Mobile. This platform allows the users to browse the mobile applications and also gives the opportunity for Sri-Lankan mobile application developers to create, test and sell their own unique applications. Together with hSenid mobile Etisalat Sri Lanka has move towards the first step in taking Sri Lanka to the global mobile application development stage.

For whom?

The stage has been set for all emerging Sri Lankan mobile software developers to experience rapid development and commercialization of their mobile applications. School kids, university students, freelancers, professionals and software development companies all now will get the opportunity to develop and sell mobile applications on this platform.

Our Goals…

  • To open up a new breed of entrepreneurs amongst local application developers enhancing their presence in the region
  • To allow consumers to browse and download from a wide variety of applications, accessible to all Etisalat subscribers and compatible with all handsets.
  • To get the opportunity for the developer to share the application nationally and internationally, thereby having the chance to build his or her reputation.
  • To promote local mobile application developers by opening the door to anyone interested in that sphere.
  • To go beyond the few professional who have dominated the sphere thus far and create opportunity for all.

Use our API:s to create your applications and services. The downloads you need are here, as well as the documentation and the community to speed things up.

Your Benefits

  • Distribute your content and applications to a market of 3 million subscribers
  • Earn 70% of the revenu generated for your application.
  • Benchmark your applications and get rarings through our dashboard
  • Get recognition by being a professional developer in Sri Lanka's largest developer community base.

Find the support matrerials provided for free;

Sample Applications

Provides ideas to start developing your applications.

  • Java Sample Application
  • Other Sample Applications


Enables the developers to test the developed applications.

  • Simulators


Guidelines which are to be considered when developing the applications.

  • Developer Guide
  • Simulator Guide
  • Aventura User Guide

Video Guides

Play video clips done by our experts and learn everything from getting started and to the tools and technologies used to create applications

  • How to develop an application (Video Guide)
  • How to work with simulator (Video Guide)


Its all yours...
Your Imagination,
Your Creatitvity
Your Effort
and Your Delivery

  • Have you finished developing your application?
  • Have you tested your application?
  • Is it working with the SDP Simulator?

Then its time to get your applications out there into the 3 million etisalat sunscriber base. Drop a mail to support@appzone.lk to get your account details. Upload your application to